Welcome to the MOOC: Evidence-Based Midwifery Practice

The first course with moderators ran in the MOOC ran from April 13th to May 24th 2015. Information about another run of the course with moderators in 2020 will be announced on the Facebook page and on international midwifery emailing lists. It is possible to register for the course and do the course on your own without moderation. All materials are free to use. Enjoy the course.


To register for this Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) for continuing professional development (CPD) for midwives in clinical practice you have to create an account. An email will be sent to you with a link to confirm your registration. Please remember your username and password to be able to login to the MOOC platform. The MOOC is different from traditional online or e-learning courses by being Massive and Open. Massive means that there is no limitations for the number of participants in the course to make it possible for as many midwives as possible from all over the globe to participate in the course. Open means the course is open access  and free CPD for midwives. The MOOC builds on social learning where you connect, interact, share and learn together with peer learners. The MOOC will run for six weeks from XX to XX 2020.  The course modules with the associated content and learning activities will be made available on the XX. The MOOC will explore the topic Evidence-Based Midwifery Practice on an introductory level. The MOOC is targeted towards midwives and educators in clinical midwifery practice but other interested can register for the course. The MOOC has no sponsorship or other money involved and this means that the content used in the course such as articles, videos etc. will be free and open access resources. At the conclusion of the MOOC the participants will be able:

  • to search for evidence based research for midwifery practice
  • to read and analyse selected results at a basic level in research articles
  • to critique research and to understand the politics behind research
  • to understand evidence based research results in a global context of midwifery
  • to translate and implement research into clinical practice

Participants can take a test at the end of the MOOC. If the test is successful a free Certificate of Completion will be issued. This course was the first international MOOC for midwives for 2015. In 2020, it continues to be an effective way of providing free continuing professional development for midwives, especially in the current Covid-19 environment, and it will be evaluated. Further information about the course here. Please follow the MOOC on the social media. The course and associated course materials is shared with a Creative Commons license. Download flyer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZM0tR-5zA-s logo2

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