Soo Downe

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Soo Downe is Professor in Midwifery Studies, University of Central Lancashire, England. Soo has used a wide range of methods, in her research, including trials, surveys, systematic reviews (metasynthesis and meta-analysis), ethnography, phenomenology, and participatory action research based on appreciative enquiry. She is interested in the utility of complexity theory in understanding dynamic health states. Her specific focus is the normal physiology of childbirth, including the processes which can maximise normal birth, with a focus on the understanding of the nature of positive wellbeing (salutogenesis) as opposed to simply reducing pathology.

Her other areas of general interest include methodological innovation, particularly in the area of metasynthesis, and the creation of collaborative links with service users at all stages of the research process.

Read more about Soo Downe here

Soo Downe will do a live presentation in module 1 on Thursday 16th April. The converted time in to all time zones

The live presentation will be recorded and the recordings will be shared afterwards.

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