Adobe Connect

Participation in the live presentations in Adobe Connect

You can access the live presentations in the MOOC in the web conferencing software Adobe Connect from a computer, tablet or smartphone with internet connection. If you participate from a computer then Adobe Connect is browser-based and you just have to click on the link that will be made available for you on the MOOC platform. If you are participating from a mobile device: tablet or smartphone then you will need to download the free Adobe Connect Mobile app.

You will get the best user experience by participating from a computer with a wired and stable internet connection. If you use a wireless internet connection then you might experience some lack in the transmission of video, sound and speech.

If you would like to ask questions directly of the speaker then you will need a headset because the integrated microphone doesn’t work well enough in Adobe Connect. Plug your headset into your computer before you open the internet browser. Use Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox as your internet browser.

Log into the Adobe Connect room from a browser on a computer:

You will be sent a link for the session you wish to join. Click on this link provided on the MOOC platform. Select ‘Enter as Guest’, type your name and click Enter Room.

You will have the role of Participant:

Participant   Participant: you can write in the chat, raise hand, and vote in quizzes

You will need to install the Connect Add-in:

Click on Help > Install Adobe Connect Add-in in the top right corner of the meeting room and follow the instructions. This menu will disappear after installation.

Interaction in Adobe Connect

You can write and discuss with other participants in the chat box and you can ask questions of the speaker.

The discussion in the chat box should include everyone. If you want to start a private chat with one single participant then you can click on the person’s name in the Attendee List and you will get the option of starting a private chat.

Private chat

Questions for the speaker

You can pose questions in the chat box and then the facilitator of the session can ask your question to the speaker. If you want to ask a question directly of the speaker after the presentation then you can raise your hand by clicking the status icon Status. You can also interact by using some of the other options in the status menu.

Set status
Using your microphone

You need to Raise Hand to show the facilitator that you would like to speak and the facilitator will then enable your microphone in the session.

Select microphone, if you have access to the microphone icon Microphone in the top bar. Click on Arrow and Select Microphone.
Activate microphone: Click on the microphone icon. Click again to mute/unmute the microphone.

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